Welcome to the Ventoux bike monitor Website

A guide for your pleasure

Here you find the best guide to discover the most beautiful itineraries in Provence. What is better than riding without a map?
You don’t have to lose your time to look for the best way, just follow me and enjoy your ride.
I am Luc MONCHAL, a sport teacher and a state agreed cyclist monitor

My aim is to provide you pleasure through biking and discover Provence, landscapes, nature, scent, castles, monuments, old villages, vineyards and wines,…, etc.
You are welcome to Bedoin, down the Mont Ventoux, a mythic place for cyclists. My ten years sport teaching experience provides me with skills to lead groups and especially making people enjoy their activity in security, progress and get new knowledge about their body, their skills, with the respect of nature.
Biking in Provence offer different opportunity, here are the most popular ones

Mont Ventoux Downhill MTB

If you want speed sensations, nicest point of view, without escalating, (We climb with the car) let’s try the MontVentoux mountain bike downhill. Two hours riding with pleasure of nature and piloting on the tracks just for you. Yes, I can adapt the route, to choose the difficulty that fits the best with you , easy stoned road if you don’t ride often, medium tracks, with pleasant curve in the forest if you are more sportive, and of course technical and funny narrow tracks if you are a good rider.
The MontVentoux can be exhilarating for you, but your bike must have very good suspensions and brakes, if you don’t have a good one, I can rent you strong and comfortable ones.

Hiking and biking in Provence

If you like as much climbing as downhill, I can show you the wonderful landscape of Provence, with the “Dentelles de Montmirail”, “les Monts de Vaucluse”, nearby the “Lubéron”. I can guide you on sportive and technical single tracks, for many hours .But I can also carry you on easy tracks around vineyard and orchards to a charming family trip, with the scent of adventure among aromatics Provencal plants, and breathtaking views on the sun bleached cliffs. I will give you and your children the explanations to enjoy the views but also how to command (pilot) your bike.

Biking on the road ? But only the enchanting ones

For the road cyclist, there are so much little typical roads, that you can’t miss the nicest one with the beauty of landscape without the noise and danger of the cars. Let me guide you to discover the medieval high top villages, the orchards and vine yards, the forest and pasturelands with lovely cols, and impressive noon in mountain and cliffs.


Mont Ventoux downhill: 40€ to 50€ /rider +40€ to rent a bike .

The price is more if you are less than 3 bikers(60€ for one, 100 € for two, same rental price )